She's My Maid ( Chapter 2 )

The next morning, Jia pick up all her things in her room. Then, after picking up the things, she meet Narsha's family and thanks them for all they done to her. They accept Jia's decision. Narsha sent Jia to Aunty Chae's house. After that, Narsha back home. Jia knock the door.

Jia : * knock * Hello there ! Anybody there ! * shout loudly *

Suddenly, a boy opened the door.

The boy : Yes ?
Jia : Annyeong. * bow *
The boy : Er, annyeong. May I help you ?
Jia : Err. I'm new maid here.
The boy : * stared at Jia up and down *
Jia : Yahhh! What are you looking for ?! -.-'
The boy : Er. Come in.

They into the house. The boy say Aunty Chae's still not at home.

The boy : What is your name ?
Jia : Im Jia Rin a.k.a Jia. * winkwink *
The boy : [ Kyaaa ~ New maid so cute but she little bit messy. ] Ohh. Hello Jia. I'm Daniel ! :)
Jia : Yo Daniel ~ So, your brother is Danny ?
Daniel : You know Danny ?
Jia : Nehh ~ At first, I didnt know him but yesterday I have sent your mother to the hospital. And your IDIOT brother or Danny Stupid accused me that I am a thief. Your brother stupid right ? XD
Daniel : Hahahaha. Agreee ! Give me 5 ! * show his palm *
Jia : * clap her palm with Daniel's palm * Hahahaha. I like you , you know ?
Daniel : What you mean ? * blushed *
Jia : Yeah. Your behavior same as me ! Hahaha. Crazy crazy ~ XD
Daniel : Lol. Yea2. Where was your school ?
Jia : ***** High School ! :)
Daniel : What ?! We same then !
Jia : Yea2. I know. You 1 year older than me.
Daniel : So, why you work here as a maid ? You still a student ?
Jia : Hmm, I need find money -.-
Daniel : Ohh. So, you stay here right ?! * excited *
Jia : Yeah2. Hehe :)
Daniel : Let me show your room.

They went to Jia's new room. Even the room was smaller than her room at Narsha's house before but its look comfortable and the view also nice.

Jia : Kamsa Daniel ! :)
Daniel : No probs. So this is your uniform. * give the uniforms to Jia *
Jia : Woah ~ Black one. I like. Hihi. Thanks again. * bow *
Daniel : No probs. I need to go out. You just doing your work. Omma will back later. Arrasso ?
Jia : Okay boss ! * smile *
Daniel : Hahaha. Okay2. Take care my dear maid :P
Jia : Yea2. I will take care of myself my dear boss. * smile *

Daniel did not in the house right now. Jia already changed her clothes. She just let her hair been free. Then, she went towards all rooms. She tidy up and when the rooms look neat, she went to the other room. After that, she into the next rooms.

Jia : Hmm, maybe this is Danny a.k.a Mr.Idiot's room. * sigh in Danny's room *

Jia clean up what should be done. She collect all the dirty clothes and put into the basket but suddenly someone into Danny's room. Danny looks dizzy.

Jia : Errr. I ... I just clean up your room. Your room looks messy.
Danny : * walk towards Jia and kiss Jia's cheek *
Jia : * push Danny * Yahhh ! What are you doing ?! * rub his cheek *
Danny : * smile * I know what am I doing. You looks beautiful Cho Rong ahh.
Jia : Cho Rong ? Whats ?! That Bo Rong ? Beautiful ? Me ? Huh -.- Maybe he is drunk.
Danny : * walks towards Jia and he try to touch Jia's chin *
Jia : * hit Danny's face *

Suddenly, Danny wake up.

Danny : What are you doing in my room ?!
Jia : Hello Mr.Idiot or whatever. Just now, you kiss me and you call me Cho Rong or whatever. Now, you mad at me ?! What the hell arent you !
Danny : Errr. I .. I ..
Jia : What I .. I ?! Urghhhh !!!

Jia just get out from Danny's room immediately. Then, she going down stairs. She saw Aunty Chae was sitting outside. Aunty Chae maybe relaxing her mind near the swimming pool. Jia greets Aunty Chae.

Jia : Annyeong aunty * smile *
Aunty Chae : Ohh Jia. Come, sit here.
Jia : * sit * What am I gonna do aunty ? What should I do ? I see that your house always tidy and neat. I dont know what should I do in this house. * blur *
Aunty Chae : Hahaha. In this house, there are 15 maids my dear.
Jia : What ?! 15 ?! Then, why you must find another maid ? I didnt get it. You already have 15 maids. Not enough ? :O
Aunty Chae : I want you to be my assistant can ?
Jia : Anything for you my beloved aunty ! :)

Thats night, Jia take shower and she just wear jeans, pink shirt and a spectacles that was been given by Narsha. Narsha know that Jia really2 adore and love Kpop Group who named B2ST. Jia loves Lee Gikwang in B2ST's groups and Lee Gikwang always wear the spectacles. After that, Jia comb her hair properly and she going downstairs. She walk towards the kitchen.

Daniel : Hey Jia ! * smile *
Jia : Yo Daniel ! * smile * Where Aunty Chae ?
Daniel : Ohh, she went out just now. Maybe meeting or something else. Come, have a sit.
Jia : Ohh. Nevermind.

Jia went towards the sink and she did know that the floor was slippering. Then, she almost fell down. Thanks godness because someone catch her body.

Jia : Thanks a lott.
Danny : Next time, do not walk faster. Blind -.-
Jia : Yahhh ! I did not know that the floor is slippery. Stupid boy ~
Danny : You ! * stared at Jia's eyes angrily *
Jia : Bluekkk :P * ran away and catch Daniel's hand * Lets go Daniel !
Daniel : Where ? * just follow Jia *
Jia : Hahaha. Dont know xD
Daniel : Lol. So, tomorrow you will go to school right ?
Jia : Sure :)
Daniel : Lets go together ?
Jia : Okay! * smile *
Daniel : Jia, err. You have boyfriend ?
Jia : Lol ? Hahaha. Boyfriend ? Nope. ^^ Who want couple with me ? I'm poor, ugly, messy and bla3. XD
Daniel : Nehh ~ You cute what ?
Jia : Hahaha. Kamsa ! ^^ Lets go in.

Jia and Daniel did not know that Danny was watching what are they doing just now. Danny still ashamed what have he done to Jia just now. He did not realize that he will kissed Jia and he think Cho Rong was in front him. Danny felt sorry with Jia because angry with her.

The next morning, Jia quickly wake up and prepare herself. She can't be late today. After wearing her uniforms, she going downstairs and preparing for breakfast. She just make juice orange and some toast bread. Then, she served on the dining table. Suddenly, when she turn back, she did not realize that someone behind her.

Jia : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! * about to fell down *
Danny : * catch Jia from felling down *

They speechless and stared each other. Suddenly, someone watched the scene.

Aunty Chae : * cough * What are both of you doing this early morning ?
Jia : * push Danny * Er. Nothing aunty.
Danny : * scratching his head * Errr. I ... I go up first. Take my bag. * away *
Aunty Chae : * chuckles * Anything I did not know Jia ? Since when ?
Jia : Aunty ahh ~ No way okay ? Trust me. Just now, I did not realize that Danny was behind me. He always surprised me.
Aunty Chae : Hahaha. Okay2. Lets breakfast together ?
Jia : Alright boss ! Please have a sit ma'm * pull out the chair for Aunty Chae *
Aunty Chae : Hahaha. Thanks dear. Sit beside me :)
Jia : * nod and smile *

Daniel and Danny went to the dining table. Daniel was a talkative son. Jia really2 happy friend with Daniel. He did not underestimate to Jia. Not Danny. He was a hot-temper, love to be alone and important he loves surprised Jia ! -.-' After they eating breakfast, they walk to school. Jia and Daniel walk in front while Danny alone at the back. After that, they arrived at the school. All of the students looks surprised see Jia walked with Danny and Daniel. Narsha waited for Jia already dumbfounded.

Jia : Narsha ahh ! Come here !
Narsha : Yeah2. Wait a minute.
Jia : Okay. Daniel, this is my best best friend forever Narsha. Narsha, this is Daniel. My boss ! XD
Daniel : Haha. Paboya. Hello Narsha :)
Narsha : Ohh, hello. * smile *
Jia : And this Danny. Eldest brother.
Narsha : Annyeong Danny oppa. * bow *
Danny : Hmm. * blur *
Jia : Yahh ! Smile !
Danny : Urghhh ! Fine ! Hello Narsha ! * big smile *
Narsha : Hahahaha. Hello ;)
Jia : Kekekekeke :3 Okay guys. I went to my class first. Annyeong Daniel and Mr.Idiot or Danny ! XD
Danny : Youu ... !
Jia : * make aegyo face * Hehe. Daniel, bye !
Daniel : Hahaha. * pinch Jia's cheek * Okay2. Meet you after school ! :)
Jia : Okay boss !

Narsha and Jia into the class. They sit on their chair and start talking.

Narsha : Yahhh Jia ! I did not know that you work at their house ?
Jia : Why ? Is it weird ? -.-
Narsha : Bingo ! My guess was true ! You did not know them ? -.-'
Jia : Danny and Daniel. So ?
Narsha : Stupid ! They are the most handsome, perfect, friendly and rich siblings in our school ! But I think Daniel friendly, not Danny maybe. But Danny more handsome than Daniel. Daniel cute. Hehe.
Jia : Ohh. So ?
Narsha : Huh ? So you said ? Pabo Jia ~ All of the students in our school already jealous of you.
Jia : I dont get it. Why they jealous of me ?
Narsha : Urghhh ! You walked, talked, joking with Daniel and Danny ! You know what ? No one could talked, walked, joking with them except they have girlfriend. I think you the first girl walked and laugh happily with Daniel. If Danny ....
Cho Rong : Jia ! * pull Jia's hands *
Jia : * stand up * Yeah ?
Cho Rong : Why you come school today with Daniel and Danny ?!
Jia : I ... I
Cho Rong : What are you doing with them ?!
Jia : * silent *

Cho Rong mad mad and humiliate Jia. Narsha quickly called Daniel and Danny. Suddenly, Daniel and Danny enter their class. Danny shock when Cho Rong was mad and humiliate Jia. Danny felt sorry with Jia.

Danny : Stop Cho Rong !
Cho Rong : * shock *
Daniel : Jia, are you okay ?
Jia : I'm okay. Dont worry.  * smile *
Daniel : You Cho Rong ! Dont you dare touch Jia !
Cho Rong : Fine ! But, why she or maybe this poor girl came school with both of you ?!
Danny : Because she live with us ! Is that wrong ?!
Jia : * shock * Err.. No .. Its not true .. Just ..
Cho Rong : What ?! What are you doing with her Danny ?!
Danny : Ohh. You ask me what am I doing with her ? Take a look here.

Danny pull Jia's hands and hugs her. Jia speechless and shock. Daniel and all of the students in the class dumbfounded.

Cho Rong : Yahhh !
Jia : * trying to escape from Danny * Let go of me ! * whispered to Danny *
Cho Rong : Jia ! Beware next time ! * away from the class *
Jia : You want hugged me since when Mr.Idiot ? -.-
Danny : * release Jia and rubbed his hair * Err.
Daniel : Jia, are you okay ? * touched Jia's cheek *
All students : Kyaaaaaaaaaa ! * dumbdfounded *
Jia : Errr.
Danny : * holds Jia's hand and get out from the class *
Jia : Yahhh ! Let go of me !
Daniel : Bro ! Where are you and Jia go ?
Danny : Dont worry. I will return this girl to you back. Lets go Mrs.Dumb.
Jia : Yahhh ! Mr.Idiot ! * just follow Danny *

Then, Danny took Jia to the park behind the hall. Then, Jia pull her hands from Danny's hands.

Jia : Okay. Now what ?
Danny : Fine. Sorry for what I have doing to you yesterday.
Jia : What are you doing to me ? * think *
Danny : Dumb ! -.-' Are you forget about it ? I kissed you yesterday ?
Jia : Ohh. Its okay -.-' I did not know what happen between you and Cho Rong or Bo Rong. Arrasso ? So, please respect me. Goodbye IDIOT ! Toodles ! * ran away *
Danny : * shake his head * Dumb girl. She call Cho Rong, Bo Rong ? * chuckles and smile * Hmmm.

Jia enter the class and all of the students in the class just looks at Jia. Jia just sit down on her chair.

Narsha : So how ?
Jia : What ? -.-?
Narsha : Pabo - _ -" I mean why Danny pull your hands like Romeo pull Julliette's hands and run away ~ So sweet. Kyaaaaa *_*
Jia : * knock Narsha's head * Hello ? I'm just discuss with him about yesterday. Yesterday he kiss me. At cheek okay ? C H E E K.
Narsha : What ?! Why ?! When ?!
Jia : Yesterday, I tidy up his room and suddenly Danny into his room and kissed me. I think he drunk. And he also call Cho Rong to me. I think he had problems with Cho Rong. Maybe. * smile *
Narsha : Hmmm, I think so ...

To be continued ...

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