She's My Maid ( Chapter 1 )

Jia is an orphanage. She live with her friend, Narsha in Narsha's house. Jia and Narsha had been friend since they were young. Narsha is a wealthy family and her and her family always being humble and generous. Narsha didnt choose friend.

-At Narsha's room-

Narsha : Im Jia Rin !!!
Jia : * fell down of the bed * What ?! * rub her eyes *
Narsha : Its lateee now !!! Look at the clock !!
Jia : Omooo ~ Faster !!
Narsha : Sorry. I already done. * evil laugh *
Jia : Paboya ! Wait for me !!
Narsha : Okay boss !

Jia quickly into the toilet and prepare herself. She didnt realize that she will be late. Yesterday night, she playing cards with Narsha. They sleep aroun 3 o'clock morning. After preparing herself, she quickly took her spectacles and school bag. She walk down the stairs and saw Narsha wait her on the sofa.

Jia : Lets go ! Aunty ! Got to go now ! Flying kiss for you ! Byebye ! * pull Narsha's hands *
Narsha : Mum ! Got to go ! Bye !

They went to the school by Narsha family's car. The driver open the door for them. They quickly ran into their class and suddenly the teacher was absent.

Jia : What ?! The teacher is absent ? Arghhh ! Like hell !
Narsha : Omoo. I think Miss Park already say us today that she will not come school today. LMAO.
Jia : * think * Ohh. I see. Lol. Come. We just sit and sleep again.
Narsha : Lol. Whatever.

They sit and talking each other. Suddenly, Cho Rong and her friend Hyo Sung enter the class.

Hyo Sung : Morning Jia !
Jia : * nod her head *
Cho Rong : Narsha. Now, she ask you to buy what for you ? Or give to her money ?
Narsha : Jia not that type of girl ! Watch your mouth !
Hyo Sung : Ya ya ya ~ Jia honey, you didnt have money to buy uniform school. Poor you. Lol. Yeah, you such a poor girl and shameless ! You always take advantage of Narsha's riches !
Jia : No, I'm not !
Narsha : Yahhh ! Hyo Sung, Cho Rong ! Stop talking like that or I will report this thing to priciple !
Hyo Sung : Lets go Cho Rong. I would vomit if I always see this poor girl and her ugly face.
Narsha : Byebye Ro Bong. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hyo Sung and Cho Rong just left them. Jia went to the toilet and Narsha just follow her.

Narsha : Are you okay ?
Jia : Narsha, am I was too humiliated ? I know I'm poor and I dont have nothing.
Narsha : Stop okay. They just playing with their mouth. I will "teach" them later. Arrasso ?
Jia : Lol. No need. I'm okay. * smile *
Narsha : Haha. Okay. Lets go. Whatever happen, you still are my bestfriend and sister okay ?
Jia : Okay boss ! * chuckles *

Narsha went back home first because she got stomachache. Jia walked back home. Suddenly, she saw an old woman but not too old but still elegant sit on the bench. Jia greet her.

Jia : Aunty ? Are you okay ?
The woman : Help me miss. I can't drive my car. My chest really2 hurt.
Jia : What ? Ohh my. Wait a minute.

Jia shout and shout loudly if someone could help tha woman but there were no one pass over the road thats time.

Jia : Let me drive aunty. Come. Let me help you.

Jia drove carefully and faster. She sent the woman to the hospital. The woman was checked by the doctor while Jia was sitting on the bench at the corridor. The woman still not get out yet. She take out the woman's handphone from the beg. She look that , there are 10 missed calls from a man named " Danny ". Without wasting any time , Jia called the man named Danny. A few minutes later, the called was answer.

Danny : Annyeong omma !
Jia : Er. This is not your omma or whatsoever.
Danny : Who are you ?! Where are my mum ?! What you want from my mum ?!
Jia : Cool down idiot -.-
Danny : What ?! Idiot ? Stupid girl. Where are my mum ?!
Jia : Paboya ! Your mum was at hospital !
Danny : What ?! Which hospital ?
Jia : The hospital named ********.
Danny : Okayokay. But, please dont hurt my mum ! Arrasso ?!
Jia : W ....

Jia cannot say anything because the man already switch off the call. Jia was sleeping on the bench because waiting the woman too long. 20 minutes ago, a man walk towards Jia and greets Jia.

Danny : Yahhh !
Jia : * rub her eyes * What ?! Who are you ?!
Danny : Shut up. Where my mum ?!
Jia : There * pointed to the check room *
Danny : What have you done to my mum ?!!!! * high voice *
Jia : I did nothing okay !! * stared at Danny's eyes *
Danny : So, why my mum at the hospital ?!!! You want money or what ?!
Jia : Money ? Oh, hello Mr.Danny or Mr.Idiot ? If I want money, I can steal your mum's handbag and leave your mum ! Stupid man ! * give the woman's handbag to the man *
Danny : I can't trust you ! Say to me ! What have you done to my mother ?! * holds Jia's hand tightly *
Jia : I say I did nothing !!!

Suddenly, the check room's door opened. There are the woman and a doctor.

Danny : Mum, are you okay ? * holds the woman's cheeks *
The woman : I'm okay. * smile *
Danny : Doctor, what happen to my mum ?
Doctor : There is nothing happend to your mum. But your mum should take a lot of rest. Thanks godness because that girl sent your mum faster to the hospital. Excuse me. * away *
The woman : Thanks miss ... ?
Jia : Im Jia Rin or better call me Jia , aunty. * bow *
The woman : Oh, thanks a lot Jia. If you dont walk on that road, maybe I'll leave my family and this world.
Jia : Nehh ~ Hahahaha. Its okay aunty ... ?
The woman : Just call me Aunty Chae or Omma ? ^^
Jia : * blushed * Okay aunty Chae. I think I better make a move.
Aunty Chae : Lets go to aunty's house first ? Come dear. * holds Jia's hand *
Jia : Errrrr. Is it okay ?
Aunty Chae : Nehh. Its okay :) Danny, lets go.
Danny : * nod his head * Lets go.

They arrived at Aunty Chae's house. Jia speechless when she see the big , shining house in front of her eyes. Jia dumbfounded.

Aunty Chae : Come dear.
Jia : * nod her head and just follow the woman *

Danny just follow them behind. They sit on the sofa.

Aunty Chae : Who is your name again ?
Jia : Im Jia Rin aunty :)
Aunty Chae : Ohh. Where you school ?
Jia : ***** High School aunty :)
Aunty Chae : Woah. Same as Danny then.
Jia : Danny ? Ohh. He is. -.-'
Danny : Err. Ye.. Yeahh. Which class are you ?
Jia : Not you bussiness :P
Danny : * stared madly at Jia *
Aunty Chae : Hhahaha. So, whose your parents Jia ?
Jia : Err. My parents gone since 2 years ago...
Aunty Chae : Ohh. Sorry Jia. I dont know.
Jia : Its okay aunty :')
Aunty Chae : Danny, ask Sara to make a cup of coffee to Jia.
Danny : Er. Sara already quit this morning.
Aunty Chae : What ?! Arghhh.
Danny : I dont know ~
Aunty Chae : We need find a maid quickly.

Jia thinking properly. She think maybe she must work to find money to buy some books or whatever. Suddenly she ...

Jia : Aunty, can I work here ?
Aunty Chae : Huh ?
Danny : What ?
Jia : * grin face * Can ? Pleaseeeeeeeee.
Aunty Chae : But, why ?
Jia : * tell whole story to aunty *
Danny : Omma !
Aunty Chae : Hmmmm, okay then. But, you must stay, sleep here. Okay ?
Jia : Okay aunty. Dont worry. I'll work hard ! * smile *
Danny : Arghhhhh ! * away from them *
Jia : Aunty, tomorrow I'll come again. * smile *
Aunty Chae : Okay2. Take care dear.

Jia back home and into her room. She talk with Narsha,

Jia : Narsha, maybe tomorrow I'll leave this house.
Narsha : What ?! Where are you going ?!
Jia : I have found a good work for me. Maid. Lol
Narsha : You cannot do that to me. * sad *
Jia : Sorry. But, I'm promise that I'll always be with you and come to this house. Okay ?
Narsha : Okay. Promise ?
Jia : Promise ! * smile *

To be continued ...

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