As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 9 )

Xander went home early. He called Go Mi many times but there is no answer. Xander really regret what have he done to Go Mi. He just sight into his room and remember his memory with Go Mi in his room when Go Mi take care of him when he was sick. He looks at the Ultraman doll that Go Mi give to him during his birthday a few days ago. Xander chuckles slowly and he sit on the ground and first time he cries for a girl. When Hyoona leave him, he did not cry like that.

Xander : I love you Go Mi ...

The next morning, Xander went school and he just silent in his class. On the recess , Ki Seop meet Xander. As friend, Ki Seop worried about Xander.

Ki Seop : Xander, are you okay friend ?
Xander : * nod *
Ki Seop : * silent *
Xander : Ki Seop , you know where did Mi Yo go ?
Ki Seop : Mi Yo ?
Xander : * chuckles * Mi Yo is Go Mi. You know what ? I'm the only person called her like that. First she mad and angry with me because called her like that but she say that its okay for me called her like that. I really miss her * sad voice *
Ki Seop : I dont know. She just say that she will go to America see her grandmother and see her doctor. I dont expect that she will get lung cancer. She always happy go lucky person, right ? Hmm.
Xander : Yeah. If can, I want change her sick to me. I'll replace her to fight the cancer.
Ki Seop : At last, you already know who is your love right ?
Xander : * nod * Yeah. I really love my Mi Yo..

Suddenly he heard Hyoona's voice..

Hyoona : Xander ! * wave *
Ki Seop : She back ! Got to go ! Bye Xander !

Ki Seop left Xander with Hyoona ..

Xander : Hyoona ...
Hyoona : Xander, I want say sorry because left you suddenly like that. Please forgive me ?
Xander : Hmm, why you leave me like that ?
Hyoona : Mianhae, actually my dad sick. So, I must rushed and fly to Japan.
Xander : Ohh. Its okay.
Hyoona : Er Xander. Can we break up ?
Xander : Er, why ?
Hyoona : Actually ... I already couple with Ki Bum. He follow me to Japan because his dad is my dad's friend. He also take care of my father there. Mianhae Mianhae. Sorry.
Xander : Its okayy. Hyoona, can you tell me where Go Mi stay in America ?
Hyoona : America ? Go Mi went to America ? I dont think so ?

To be continued ...

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