As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 10 )

Xander : What you mean ?
Hyoona : She say to me that she only stay at her second house area our school ?
Xander : What ?!! Are you serious ?!!
Hyoona : Yeah, she aslo told me that to take care of you if she already left this world. Xander, she really loves you and she also need you I think. * smile *
Xander : Thanks a lott Hyoona !
Hyoona : Oh, no biggie. You know where Go Mi's second house ?
Xander : Yeah. I know ! Thanks again ! Byebye !

Xander left Hyoona. Hyoona smile and she hope that Xander will together with Go Mi. She also already happy with Ki Bum and will get engaged Ki Bum 2 next month.

Finally, Xander arrived at Go Mi's house. He knock the door and Go Mi's maid opened the door.

Xander : Annyeong. Is Go Mi here ?
Maid : Errr. Who are you ?
Xander : Please. Is Go Mi here ?

Suddenly Go Mi went out from her room and went towards the door.

Go Mi : Yahh ! Who was there ?! * high voice *

Go Mi was shock when she looks Xander in front of her house.

Go Mi : Xander ?
Xander : Mi Yo ?

Go Mi quickly close the door but unfortunately Xander enter Go Mi's house faster. The maid left them alone.

Go Mi : What you want from me ?
Xander : I thought that you went to America. Why you lie to us ?
Go Mi : Are you care about that ? No worries okay ? I'll die sooner. So, calm down.
Xander : What are you talking about ?! * high voice *
Go Mi : * silent because first time she hear Xander talk to her like that *
Xander : Please dont say that. I dont want you leave me anymore.
Go Mi : Lol ? What you mean ?
Xander : Er, I mean why you lie to Ho Li and Ki Seop ? They really2 worry about you.
Go Mi : I dont think so because I will leave this world as soon as possible.
Xander : Lets go meet doctor okay ? Dont be stuborn !
Go Mi : No ! I already meet the doctor and he say that my life only have 2 weeks or 3 weeks more. Now, you look at me ? Ugly right ? Maybe smelly ?
Xander : No Go Mi. Please see the doctor and do the operation okay ? Pleasee. Your grandmother also love you and she really want you to do the operate.
Go Mi : No need. I only left 2 weeks or 3 weeks ! * caugh * Please go out. Btw, you happy with Hyoona ? I think she already meet you right ? * smile * Hope you'll have happy ending with her. Maybe, I will not attend your marriage next year or whenever. Because I will die soon. I will ...
Xander : Mi Yo ! Stop talking like that ! I want you do the operation ! Follow me ! * trying to carry Go Mi's body *
Go Mi : * push Xander * No ! Dont force me ! You have no right to force me ! Arrasso ?! Now, get out from my house ! Now !!!!!!
Xander : Mi Yo ! I love you !!!
Go Mi : * sedimented * What are you talking about ?
Xander : I know what I talking about ! Yeah, I love you. Arrasso ?!
Go Mi : No. It can't be. Furthermore, soon I'll leave the world. Dont you get it ?!
Xander : No dear. You do the operation okay ? I'll pray that you'll be fine. Please. I beg you.
Go Mi : * stared at Xander *
Xander : * stared Go Mi * You'll do it for me ? Please. I really need you in my life.
Go Mi : Hyoona.. No ! Please get out from here ! * push Xander *

Xander kiss Go Mi. Go Mi shock and speechless.

Xander : I love you. Hyoona is my past and you are my future. Hyoona will get engaged with Ki Bum. I really2 love you Go Mi. Pleasee ?
Go Mi : * crying *
Xander : No, please dont crying. I'll always beside you.

Suddenly, Go Mi fell down. Fortunately, Xander carry Go Mi and went to the hospital.

At the hospital , Ho Li, Ki Seop, Ki Bum, Hyoona, Kikwang, Jojo and Go Mi's grandmother arrived there. They saw Xander was sitting on the chair.

Ho Li : Hows Go Mi ?
Xander : I dont know yet.
Go Mi's grandmother : She will be okay. I know she is strong girl. * tears come down slowly *
Ho Li : * hugs Go Mi's grandmother *
Xander : Er grandma, just now the doctor say to me that she must do the operation now. I just agree and the doctor ask me to sign at Go Mi's operation card. I want to wait you but the doctor say that Go Mi do not have much time. Mianhae grandma.
Go Mi's grandmother : Its okay.

2 hours ago, but the doctor still dont went out from the operation room.

Xander : Is Go Mi okay, Ki Seop ?
Ki Seop : Yeah. She will be okay.
Xander : I always make her sad. I'm a loser ! * his tears came out *
Ki Seop : Calm down Xander. She will be okay. I know her okay ?
Xander : I want say sorry to her, I want hug her, I want always beside her.
Go Mi's grandmother : She will be okay. Trust grandma.

Suddenly, the operation room opened. Xander run into the room faster and he heard the nurse say to the doctor ..

Nurse : The patient's heart stops at ....
Xander : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!

Xander fell down. Ki Seop quickly carry Xander's body.

To be continued ...

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