As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 8 )

At the class , Ho Li and Ki Seop talking each other. Xander enter the class. Xander want meet Go Mi.

Xander : Ho Li, why Go Mi didnt come school today ?
Ho Li : * stared at Xander * You DAMN !
Xander : Huh ? Whats you mean ?
Ho Li : Yahh ! I want to ask you ! Why you did like that to Go Mi ! Who always beside you when your beloved grilfriend leave you huh ?! Go Mi right ?! Who always help you in study when you was date with Hyoona ?! Go Mi right ?! Who always make you feel happy ?! Go Mi right ?! You stupid damn boy ! * hit Xander's chest *
Ki Seop : Calm down Ho Li. Calm down okay ? * looks at Xander *
Xander : I dont understand. I want to see Go Mi can ? I want apologize her.
Ho Li : No need Xander. Go Mi ask me to give this letter to you. * take out the letter from her pocket *

Xander takes the letter and read it ..
Dear Xander my bestfriend ever,
Xander, when you read this letter , I already leave Seoul this morning. Hahahaha. You know what ? Before you change into this school, your face appear in my dream when I sleep. I dont know why your face appear in my dream. I dont expect that. Hahahaha. Funny right ? Actually, I love you Alexander :) Yeah yeah, dont laugh at me okay ? Hehe. I already ask Hyoona to come back for you. Hyoona say that she will come back tomorrow or a few days more. So, be patient okay ? Hehe. Btw Xander, I know that you still can't forget Hyoona so , I hope that you will be happy with Hyoona. Arrasso ? Take care of Hyoona okay ?! Maybe you will not meet or see me next time. So, take care of yourself Xander !
Your friend,
Mi Yo
Xander : Mi Yo ...

Suddenly, Xander fell down. Ki Seop lift Xander's body quickly and sent him to Sick Room at their school. A few minutes later,  Xander wake up. Ki Seop and Ho Li were sitting besider him.

Xander : Ho Li. Where Go Mi ? Please tell me.
Ho Li : No, I cant tell you. I already promise to Go Mi. Mianhae Xander.
Xander : But please tell me why Go Mi leave here suddenly ? Please Ho Li. I beg you.
Ho Li : Fine. She have lung cancer. Her life , I do not know how much longer will she survive with her sick.
Xander : * speechless * No.. It can't be like that. Why she dont tell me ?!
Ho Li : You know what ? Yesterday was Valentine Days right ? She say to me that she want to have a sweet memory with all her friends and you Xander. Why you make her day like that ? You know what ? She always say to me that do not mad or angry with you if you still can't forget Hyoona. She say to me that love can't be force. So Xander, congratulations for you. I hope you'll happy with Hyoona. Your beloved girlfriend will back tomorrow. Lets go Ki Seop.

After Ki Seop and Ho Li left Xander, Xander's tears came out slowly ..

To be continued ...

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