As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 7 )

At night , Go Mi just stay in her room. Ho Li accompany Go Mi in the room. Go Mi just silent and lie on the bed.

Ho Li : Go Mi ahh, are you okay ?
Go Mi : I'm fine :) Ho Li, actually I'll leave here tomorrow :')
Ho Li : Whyy ? * sad voice *
Go Mi : Hmmm, I'll tell you but promise me that you will not told this thing to everybody. Okay ? Even Kiseop.
Ho Li : Arraso. * nod *
Go Mi : Actually, I have lung cancer * low voice *
Ho Li : No ! It can't be ! Noooo. * crying *
Go Mi : Yes Ho Li :') Please dont crying. I'm okay. Look at me :D
Ho Li : * hug Go Mi * Go Mi, where did you want to go ?
Go Mi : I'll fly to America tomorrow. My grandma wait for me there. * smile *
Ho Li : Okayy. But, please dont forget me. Arrasso ? :')
Go Mi : Nehh ~ I'll always remember my cute friend ! * hugs Ho Li *
Ho Li : Go Mi, fighting and compete your cancer ! Okay ?
Go Mi : Okay ! My grandma already found a good doctor for me there :)
Ho Li : Thank GOD. You already told Xander ?
Go Mi : Please dont told him. Please okay ? I hate him from now on. His name already erased by me in my heart. In his heart, only have name Hyoona not me. * cried *
Ho Li : Sorry Go Mi. I promise that Xander will not know this news.
Go Mi : Can you give this letter for Xander when I already leave tomorrow ?
Ho Li : Sure. * take the letter from Go Mi *
Go Mi : Thankyou. I want sleep now. * smile *
Ho Li : Okay. Good night Go Mi. Sleep well my friend :')

After that, Ho Li went to her bedroom and she cry and cry. Suddenly , Ki Seop called her.

Ki Seop : Annyeong baby !
Ho Li : Annyeong oppa .. * sad voice *
Ki Seop : Are you crying ?
Ho Li : * cry *
Ki Seop : Why baby ? Please tell me ? * worried *
Ho Li : We meet tomorrow okay ?
Ki Seop : Okay. I'll wait for you at school tomorrow. Sweet dream dear. Good night and take care. Ilysm.
Ho Li : Okay. Byebye oppa.

Ho Li cry again and finally she found asleep. The next morning , Ho Li went to Go Mi's bedroom and Go Mi missing ! Ho Li found a letter on Go Mi's bed. Ho Li opened the letter and read it,
Dear Ho Li,
Annyeong chinguya ! Hehe. Sorry because I leave early and dont told you. I scared if you send me to the airport , I could not leave here. So, I decided to go alone. Dont worry about me, I already ask Kikwang to sent me. No worries okay ? And Ho Li. If you wanna know, remember that I've told you about me dream before Xander change into our school right ? The guy in my dream is Alexander. I dont know why he appear in my dream but I only know that I love Alexander in my dream. Yahh ! Promise dont tell Xander that I love him okay ? Hihihi. So, take care dear ! I'll call you if I already arrived America. So, take care of your Ki Seop oppa :P Hahahaha. For your information, you are my best friend ever. I love you so much Ho Li. <3
Much loves ,
Go Mi Yo.
 Ho Li : Go Mi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * cry *

Ho Li went to school as usual but her face look sad. Ki Seop wait for Ho Li at the gate and he went towards Ho Li when he saw her girlfriend's face.

Ki Seop : Why ? * touch Ho Li's face *
Ho Li : Come, follow me.

They went to the park. They did not have class because the teacher was absent. Ki Seop ask Ho Li ...

Ki Seop : Ho Li ! Can you tell me whats the prob ?! Since yesterday night, you sound sad. Why ?
Ho Li : * hugs Ki Seop * Go Mi ... She already leave here ! * cry *
Ki Seop : What you mean of leave here ?
Ho Li : Go Mi have lung cancer and she must go to America see her grandmother. Her grandmother already found a good doctor there. I think she will wait for me because I really want to sent her at the airport but she already missing when I wake up just now. * wipe her tears *
Ki Seop : * speechless *
Ho Li : Oppa ? * look at Ki Seop's face *
Ki Seop : I not expect that Go Mi have lung cancer. She is a happy go lucky girl since I know her. Oh My God. Please save her. Ho Li, during holiday coming soon, we went America okay ? Please dont cry.
Ho Li : * nod his head * Okay. Kamsa oppa. * hugs Ki Seop *
Ki Seop : Come, lets back to the class.

To be continued ...

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