As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 6 )

Host : Okay all ! There are 4 couples here ! First couple named Seoli Love who was joined by Go Ho Li and Ki Seop , Minder Couple who was joined by Go Mi Yo and Alexander , JajaMinho Couple who was joined by Choi Minho and Jaja and for last couple KikiJojo Couple who was also joined by Kikwang and Jojo. Woah. Supeerb name all of you combined ! Sweet I think ! So, can we start with the first game ?
Ho Li : Oh, okayy.
Host : This game name Apple Own. First rule for this game is the boy and the girl must hold the apple with their mouth. Do not use your hands. And if you already got the apple in your mouth, run or walk to that table. And for those who own many apples , they are the winner. And for those who get the least OUT. Get it ?
All the couples : Arrasso :D

The game start. Ho Li and Ki Seop already have 2 apples in thier basket while Kikwang and Jojo 1 apples only. Jaja and Minho 3 apples ! But Go Mi and Xander 0 apples.

Ho Li : Yahh Xander ! Faster ! Both of you still dont have any apples yet !
Xander : Err. Should we Go Mi ?
Go Mi : Huh -.-" Fine. Lest start.
Xander : Heee. Okay !
Go Mi : Lol. Why you so excited ? -.-"
Xander : Ohh. Nothing. Come on ! :)

Xander and Go Mi became the winner at last and they collect 8 apples for 7 minutes and JajaMinho Couple was out.

Xander : Er Go Mi. Sorry if my lips has touched your lips.
Go Mi : Sokayy. Important is we win ! Hehe.
Xander : Haha. Yeah. Fighting for next contest ! ^^
Kikwang : Yahh ! I still shock when both of you win this contest. I think me with Jojo win. Haihh.
Go Mi : Bluekkk :P This is Go Mi ~ So, she never lose for any games !
Kikwang : Grr. Ehh, should we change sonyeo Xander ? You take Jojo, I take Go Mi ?
Go Mi : Lol ? Can uh ?
Kikwang : * holds Go Mi's hands * Sure can. Can Xander ? Pleaseee.
Xander : * pull Go Mi's hands * No way ! She's mine !

Ho Li, Ki Seop, Kikwang, Jojo and Go Mi shock when Xander say that.

Go Mi : Err.
Xander : Er, no I mean. She's mine for this game. Arrasso ?
Ho Li : Arrasso. * chuckles *
Kikwang : Sokay then. I just testing your love for Go Mi. * smile *
Xander : Err -.-

The next game start. The next game named Design Bracelet Couple.

Host : The rules is each couples must design your own bracelet for your girlfriend or boyfriend. For those couples who desgin beautiful and pretty bracelet, they will win and went to the final :)

The game started. All the couples looks very excited. A few minutes later , the game end. The judge went toward all the participants to judge them. When the judge see Xander'r bracelet. The judge whispered to the host of the game. Suddenly ...

Host : Er Mr.Alexander. Why your bracelet looks weird ?
Go Mi : * take a look Xander's bracelet *
Host : Why Go Mi's bracelet named " Go Mi ♥ Xander " and yours " Xander  Hyoona " ? Err, where Hyoona ? -.-"

Ho Li, Ki Seop, Jojo and Kikwang shock about that. Xander just silent .. Go Mi really ashamed and she ran away from the restaurant. Suddenly, Ki Seop hit Xander's face.

Ho Li : Oppa ! Stop ! * holds Ki Seop's hands *
Ki Seop : You Xander ! I thought you already forget that girl ! * mad *
Kikwang : Xander, I hope you ask your heart who is your true love.

Kikwang holds Jojo's hand and out from the restaurant. Ki Seop and Ho Li also follow Kikwang. Xander speechless at the restaurant.

Host : Er. All the couples had gone .. So , the winner is JajaMinho Couple !

All the customers in the restaurant clapped and looks at Xander .. Xander suddenly walked out slowly. He needs time to think.

To be continued ...

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