As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 11 )

Xander wake up and he already at hospital. Ki Seop, Ki Bum were beside him.

Ki Bum : Are you okay now ?
Xander : Where Go Mi ? Please tell me. She okay right ?
Ki Seop : I hope you be patient about this. Go Mi already left us just now... * sad voice *
Xander : * laugh * No. You lying right ? No way. Say that you lie to me !
Ki Bum : No ! He is not lying ! Go Mi already left all of us 2 days ago !
Xander : Whats you mean ?
Ki Seop : You faint after you enter operation room remember ? And you already fainted for 2 days.
Xander : No way. You joke right ? * holds Ki Seop's shirt *
Ki Seop : No, I dont. Now, you read this letter. Ho Li say Go Mi wrote it for you. Ho Li tidy up Go Mi's room and she found this letter under the pillow. * show the letter *

Xander quickly opened the letter and read it.
Maybe the past I already lie for all of you that I'm going to America right ? Hihi. Mianhae. Now, maybe I already left you and all of my friend. Hahahaha. I love you till I die Xander :) Hope you will be happy with Hyoona. Love cannot be force right ? Its okay. So, byebye. ^^
Mi Yo
Xander : No. She can't leave me alone here ! * crying *

Suddenly, Ho Li enter Xander's room.

Ho Li : Xander ! Faster ! Go Mi already want to go to the airport !
Xander : Airport ? What you mean ? She did not die ?
Ho Li : No. She say she want to go somewhere and she did not want to see your face anymore. Please stop her ! I know she loves you ! Please Xander.
Xander : Okay ! Lets go !

Xander arrived at Go Mi's house and he quickly enter Go Mi's house. He search Go Mi and Xander asked the maid. The maid say that Go Mi is in her room. Xander quickly into Go Mi's room.

Go Mi : Yahhh !
Xander : Mi Yo !
Go Mi : Xander ? What you want again from me ? Ohh, I know maybe you sad because I still here right ? Nehh ~ Nevermind. Soon, I will ...
Xander : * ran and he hugs Go Mi * I thought you already left me. I can't live without you. I really need you in my life. Please dont leave me anymore.
Go Mi : What are you talking about right now ?! I know you pity of me right ? Yeah yeah. I love you too ! But that is my past ! So, please left me. Understand ?
Xander : No ! * hugs Go Mi tightly *
Go Mi : * trying to escape from Xander * Please let go of me.
Xander : No !
Go Mi : Yahhh ! Let go of me ! Please. I'm begging you now.
Xander : * release Go Mi *
Go Mi : Thanks. Now, can you get out ? Please.
Xander : You love me ?
Go Mi : Yes. But that is my past already.
Xander : No ! You are my future and I'm your future !
Go Mi : * laugh * You know what ? Kikwang is my future not you Xander !

Suddenly , Kikwang, Jojo, Ki Seop, Ho Li, Hyoona and Ki Bum enter Go Mi's room.

Kikwang : What you mean ?
Go Mi : Errr.
Xander : Kikwang, she say that you are her future. Is it right ?
Kikwang : Huh ? Whats you mean ? Lol. I'm her cousin and my baby boo is Jojo okay ? Go Mi ? What are you talking about ? Me ? Your future ?
Go Mi : I ... I dont mean that. I just want to escape from Xander :|
Kikwang : Lol. So guys, lets go out. Maybe they need some space. Hahahahaha. Come Jojo :)
Jojo : * nod her head and she wink towards Go Mi *
Go Mi : Mianhae Jojo. I didnt mean that.
Jojo : Its okay. ^^

They left Xander and Go Mi again.

Xander : Now what ?
Go Mi : What ? :P
Xander : [ OMG. She damn cute. Cool down Xander. Cool okay. ]
Go Mi : * steps towards Xander and she wave her right hand in front of Xander's face * Yahhhh !!
Xander : * shock *
Go Mi : What are you dreaming right now ? Huh ! -.-
Xander : You look so beautiful , Mi Yo. * low voice *
Go Mi : Errr ? Are you okay ?
Xander : No dear. I say the truth. * slowly steps towards Go Mi and his face come near and near to Go Mi's face and ... *
Go Mi : * bite Xander's nose and she ran away from the room *
Xander : Ouchh ! Mi Yo !!! * touch his nose and he smile *

Xander search Go Mi in Go Mi's house but Go Mi still missing.

Xander : Go Mi !!!!!! Where are you ?!!

Go Mi still silent and she is hiding under the dining table.

Xander : Fine.  I will go now. * sad voice *

Xander about to go but suddenly Go Mi appear in front Xander and she just smile. Xander already speechless when he see that Go Mi was wearing a light pink dress and a bunny clip on her hair and her hair let be free. Go Mi just smile to Xander.

Xander : Err. You ... look pretty. * stared at Go Mi up and down *
Go Mi : Hahaha. Lets go ! :)
Xander : Where ?
Go Mi : Buy your clothes Mr.Alexander ;)
Xander : My clothes ? * looking at his clothes *
Go Mi : Hahahahaha. Lets go.

They went to a Mall and all the people were looking and laughing at Xander because he was wearing patient's clothes.

Xander : Mi Yo ahh ~ All the people was looking at me.
Go Mi : Shut up okay ? Come here ! This shirt looks okay with you.
Xander : * walking towards Go Mi * Hmmm. Pink shirt ? Lol.
Go Mi : Look sweet what ? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Wear it okay ? * smile *
Xander : Yea2. Let me pay the shirt.

Xander went to the counter payment. The owner of the shop just smile at him. Maybe she was laughing at Xander's shirt. Xander just pull Go Mi's hands and went out from the shop.

Go Mi : Yahh ! Stop pulling me !
Xander : Er. Mianhae. The seller just laughing at me. Hmm. So, next ? Buy me a skirt ? HAHAHA :P
Go Mi : Hahaha. Lest buy you a black trousers ! :) * holds Xander's hands *

Xander really2 happy because Go Mi seems already accpet him. They stop at another shop. Go Mi choose a black trousers to Xander. Xander just agree and he pay the trousers at the counter. Then, Go Mi followed Xander went to toilet.

Xander : You want follow me too ? Into the toilet ?
Go Mi : * blushing >3< * Err. Just go. I will wait you then. Bye !

Xander just laughing and he change his clothes. Go Mi was waiting alone on the bench but suddenly two boys came toward Go Mi ..

Boy A : Hey girl ! Alone ? * touch Go Mi's chin *
Go Mi : Dont touch me ! BullSHIT !
Boy B : OMG. She so cute when she was angry. Hahahahaha.
Boy A : Come. Accompany us ? Come baby ? * pull Go Mi's hands *
Go Mi : Let go of me ! * trying to escape from the boy *
Boy B : Hahahahaha. Just shut up and follow us !
Go Mi : Xander !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xander quickly get out when he hear Go Mi was yelling his name. Xander really2 look angry when he saw the boys was disturbing her girlfriend a.k.a Go Mi.

Xander : * hit the boy A and he pull Go Mi's hand * Dont you dare touch my girl !
Boy A : Wowowowo. Her hero already come.
Boy B : Bro. Can we borrow your girl for 1 day ? Her body looks HOT you know ?
Xander : You DAMN ! * hit the two boys' face *
Go Mi : Stop Xander ! Lets go. * pull Xander's hand *

They stop at the restaurant.

Go Mi : Are you okay ?
Xander : No I'm not ! Arghhhhhhhhh ! Damn !
Go Mi : Calm down okay ? I'm fine.
Xander : You hear what they say ?! They say that your body HOT and whatsoever.
Go Mi : Er. Thanks for them. Lol.
Xander : What ?! Are you okay ? I dont like other boys always looks at your body ! Huh !
Go Mi : Nehh ~ Its okay. Calm down okay boy ? :P
Xander : Order 50 ice cream !
Go Mi : What ?! For what ?
Xander : You eat all of the ice cream.
Go Mi : You want me become fat huh ? -.-
Xander : Yeah ! So, the boys will not stared at your body anymore !
Go Mi : Xander. Dont be like a childish okay ? -.-
Xander : But I can't. I hate if they looks at you because of that.
Go Mi : Ya ya ya ~ Xander, listen me okay ? Dont be too much jealous because the most important is I LOVE YOU not THEM. Understand ?
Xander : * nod his head * But ..
Go Mi : No but but anymore. Come, lets go. Ho Li already wait for us.
Xander : Ho Li ? What you mean ?
Go Mi : Ho Li making party at her house. She already invite all her friend and us.
Xander : I think we only date for two of us.
Go Mi : Hahahaha. No wayy ma boy :P Come lets go.
Xander : Okay baby. * stand up and embrace Go Mi's waist *

They enter Ho Li's house. All of the people in the house just silent when they saw Go Mi and Xander. Suzy one of the students in their school greets them.

Suzy : Xander ? I think you with Hyoona ? And who this beautiful girl ?
Xander : Go Mi Yo. Nehh ~ Weird if you dont know her ?
Suzy : Are you serious ?! Go Mi Yo ?
Go Mi : Hi Suzy.
Suzy : Huh. Xander, why you break up with Hyoona ? Both of you looks really2 close and I also saw both of you always go out for dating. Once, I also see that you and Hyoona enter a hostel ? Now, you with her ?
Go Mi : * release her hands from Xander and walk away *
Xander : Go Mi !! Suzy !! What are you talking about ?! * angry *
Suzy : Er. Mianhae. I'm just joking. Sorry. Sorry a lots. Please forgive me. Mianhae ;(
Xander : Huh. You can go.

Xander search Go Mi but he didnt see Go Mi yet. Then, he ask Ho Li.

Xander : Ho Li. Have you seen Go Mi ?
Ho Li : Ohh. She was near the swimming pool.
Xander : Thanks !

To be continued ...

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