As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 12 - END )

Xander grin when he saw Go Mi just looking at the swimming pool.

Xander : Baby. * hugs Go Mi's shoulders *
Go Mi : * stand up and about to walk away from Xander *
Xander : * holds Go Mi's hands * Please dont go.
Go Mi : Whatever. * walk away and leave Xander alone *

Xander did not know what to do anymore. He really2 frust about that. He thought he and Go Mi will have much fun during the party. Then, Xander stand up and searching for Go Mi again. Suddenly, he saw Go Mi was talking with a boy. Xander quickly walk towards Go Mi and embrace Go Mi's waist.

Xander : Hi there. May I join both of you ?
The boy : Er, excuse me. * walk away *
Go Mi : Let go of me. Huh !
Xander : Follow me ! * pull Go Mi's hand *

They went near the swimming pool again. Xander must discuss about them with Go Mi.

Go Mi : What you want from me ?! I dont expect that you and Hyoona always go to hostel when you with her. Hahahaha. I can't accept your love if like this !
Xander : Hello Mi Yo ? Listen okay ? Huh -.- First, when I brought Hyoona to the hostel ? Want more proof ? Okay. Suzyy ! Come here !
Suzy : * walk towards them * Err Go Mi. I'm sorry. Just now, I just making a joke. Sorry. Mianhae. Xander never brought Hyoona to the hostel. I'm just making story. Mianhae. Mianhae. * bow bow bow *
Go Mi : Er, okay okay. Stop bow. Lol.
Suzy : * chuckles * Actually, I want to say that both of you were a great couple. Byebye ! :)
Xander : Now what Go Mi Yo ?
Go Mi : Err. Mianhae.
Xander : Huh ! You say sorry to me ? No apologize for you okay ?
Go Mi : I ... I'm jealous okay ?! * tearing *
Xander : * looking at Go Mi * Err. Please dont cry. Its okay.
Go Mi : HAHAHAHAHAHA ! Byebye ! :P * about to go *
Xander : * catch Go Mi * Hahaha. Now what ? Escape ?
Go Mi : Please release me. Okay2. I'll make anything for you. Pleaseee.
Xander : Kiss me then. * show at the cheek *

Not wasting time, Go Mi kiss Xander's right cheek. Xander really2 happy with Go Mi. They hugs each other and suddenly Ho Li, Ki Seop, Kikwang, Jojo, Ki Bum, Hyoona surprise them.

Ho Li : Hahahaha. Stop3.
Go Mi : What ? Hahaha.
Xander : * chuckles * S A R A N G H A E  GO MI YO !!!! * kiss Go Mi's cheek *
Hyoona : Aww, so sweet. Can I take Xander again Go Mi ?
Go Mi : Sure :)
Xander : Huh !
Go Mi : But, you must let me kill you first if you dare take ma boy. Arraso ?
Xander : Hahahahaha. I thought you still cannot accept me. Paboya.
Ki Seop : Kyaaa ~ They making such a HOT COUPLE tonight.
Kikwang : Yeah. Agree about that. Right Jojo ?
Jojo : Yea2. Jealous of them. HAHAHA.
Kikwang : * kiss Jojo's cheek * Jealous of them ?
Jojo : Haha. No more. Love you bb ;)

All of them have such a awesome party that night. Their friendship never end and their love always being a STRONG LOVE together 


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