Introduction : New Fanfic

Title : Revenge or Love ?
Genre[s] : Romance, High School, Comedy
Main Character[s] : Seungri, Jooyeon, HyunA, Lizzy
Character[s] : Jonghyun, Jojo, Yoo Jin and more
Synopsis : Jooyeon is a fat girl and cute girl. She is 16 years old. She always being fooled by her friends in school. But, one day .. she meet Seungri, a top handsome guy in her school then she fall in love with Seungri. Seungri is handsome, playboy, best dancer, arrogant guy. He older 1 year than Jooyeon. They schooling at Pearl High School. One day, Seungri realised that he must pair with Jooyeon in dance competition. What will happened next ? "OMG" :3

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