Just The Way You Are ( Chapter 4 )

After the ring bell , so its time to go cafeteria. Krystal and JayJay walk together go cafeteria. But JayJay saw Kevin's face but he just ignored it. Yoona suddenly notice that Kevin not care anymore about JayJay and she decided to bully JayJay.

Yoona : Sunny ahhh ! Look ! There is the fake boy ! Hey guys ! Look at her !
Sunny : Woah. JayJay ? HAHAHAHAAHA. * evil laugh *

All the students laugh at JayJay and say " Boooooooooo " . JayJay feel want to cry but she knows that she is a tough girl. She ignored all of the students indeed Yoona and Sunny. JayJay really2 weird because Kevin were not bully him anymore but she were really happy about it. She smiile in her heart. JayJay buys some breads meanwhile Krystal went to toilet because she got a stomachache. But suddenly ...

Yoona : Oppa ! You want to go where ?! * asking Kevin *
JayJay : * Looking at Yoona but she afraid because Kevin came towards her and she want quickly ran away from Kevin but Kevin quickly hold her hand and take JayJay went behind hall. *
Yoona : Kevin ! Wait !!!
Kevin : * just left Yoona *
Yoona : Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Behind the hall ...

JayJay : What you want from me ?!
Kevin : What you say to my father ?!
JayJay : What you mean ? * innocent face *
Kevin : Huh. Dont being a kind girl right now. You say to my father that me slap you yesterday ?!
JayJay : No I dont ! Swear !
Kevin : Whatever. I know its you ! Hey JayJay ! Listen properly ! I know your mother and my family were very close. But i really2 hate you since we young ! You know why ?! Because you ugly and jerk ! You always wear a loose shirt and look ! Now , you wear a loose unform school ! You really dont have a body shape ! You not ashamed huh ?! And right now ! In this school ! You were known as a fake boy ! One more warning ! Please dont let all the students know that you and me were know still young. I will really2 ashamed if that could happen. * stared at JayJay's face *
JayJay : * crying slowly * Arrasso. I will. * went away from Kevin and went to the toilet *

At toilet ....

JayJay : ( He humiliate me ?! He has no right to say me like that ! Just wait Kevin. I will changed it )

Soon , the school's bell ring. JayJay quickly went home. Krystal already went home with Si Wan.

At home ...

JayJay : Mum !
Miss Park : Yes dear ? * smile *
JayJay : Can you accompany me to my school's office ?
Miss Park : Yes , i can. But why ? Are you did something wrong ?
JayJay : Nope. I just want you buy my new school uniforms then we went shopping. Can ? Pleasee.
Miss Park : Sure can. But why dear ?
JayJay : I want to be a girl back. I want to be Park Jae Jin. Not JayJay or fake boy. I dont want to wear loose clothes anymore.
Miss Park : * shock while her tears down fast * Arrasso. I will. Wait a minute. You changed your clothes first dear.

After that , Miss Park went to the school and buy 2 uniforms for JayJay in " S " size. JayJay always wear the uniforms school in " L " size. so , that was so big and loose. Miss Park understand why JayJay being like that.
Then , they went shopping at the MALL. First they went to shoes shop.

JayJay buy a pink plus white colour. While , Miss Park bought a pair of sandals. After that , they went to boutique and bought many clothes to JayJay.

Miss Park : JayJay ahh ! You want this dress ? This is really2 nice dear * smile *
JayJay : Mum. Call me Jae Jin can ? * smile *
Miss Park : Aww. My beutiful daughter were change now. Mum were really happy. So want this ?
Jae Jin : Er. Okay , i will follow you.

They went back home. Miss Park and Jae Jin were so happy because they were spend their time together. Jae Jin was really tired and she went into her bedroom. Miss Park already fell asleep. Maybe her mum were very tired because shopping full day. Jae Jin call Krystal ...

Jae Jin : Hello. May i speak with Krystal ?
Krystal : Krystal here. Who is this ?
Jae Jin : I'm Park Jae Jin. HAHAHAHA.
Krystal : JayJay ? Er , you dont mad anymore if i call Jae Jin ?
Jae Jin : Nope. btw , Krystal tomorrow i will change my class.
Krystal : But why ? So i'm alone ? * sad *
Jae Jin : No lahh. You also will change with me. because we already pass the exam last month.
Krystal : What ?! Hoorayy ! But what class ?
Jae Jin : Er. Kevin's class. The first class.
Krystal : Er. Are you okay with that ?
Jae Jin : I'm okay. Tomorrow , wait me at the gate. Arrasso ?
Krystal : Okayokay. Goodbye.
Jae Jin : Bye.

Jae Jin went asleep after the phone off ...

To be continued ...

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