Just The Way You Are ( Chapter 11 )

Suddenly Jae Jin woke up from sleeping.

Jae Jin : Where am i ? * rub her eyes *
Kevin : Hospital. Want some drink ?
Jae Jin : Why you still here ? Go away please. I'm begging you. I dont want see you anymore. Pleasee.
Kevin : Look here Jae Jin. I will take care of you because your mom need to go Singapore because she has meeting there for 4 days. Arrasso ?
Jae Jin : I can ask Krystal.
Kevin : Nehh ~ Krystal will busy with Si Wan. You want disturb them ?
Jae Jin : I can ask someone ! I dont need your help ! You such a jerk , bad and evil boy ! I hate you ! You never changed ! You still humiliate me in front of your friends ! I hate you ! I hate you ! I hate you !
Kevin : Mianhae ? Please Jae Jin. I never said that to Yoona that you such that type girl. Swear.
Jae Jin : Get out please. I really tired now. Please.

Soon , Jae Jin sleeping back. Kevin touch Jae Jin's forehead and kiss her. A few minutes ago , Krystal and Si Wan into Jae Jin's room. Jae Jin already wake up.

Krystal : Are you okay Jae Jin ? * worried face *
Jae Jin : I'm okay. Dont worry. * smile *
Si Wan : This some fruits. Hope you will get well soon. * smile *
Jae Jin : Kamsa Si Wan and Krystal.
Krystal : Kevin , why you dont go school ?
Kevin : Er, i want take care of Jae Jin.
Krystal : Oh. Arrasso. or two of you have something ?
Jae Jin : Krystal ! No lahh. Remember Yoona ? She Kevin's gf. * smile * Kevin only want take care of me because my mom at Singapore because she have a important meeting :)
Krystal : Ohh. Jae Jin , i need to go first with Si Wan because my mother get sick. Mianhae :(
Jae Jin : Nevermind. Send my regards to your mum. Goodbye Krystal , Si Wan :)
Kevin : * silent and give some fruits to Jae Jin *
Jae Jin : Kamsa. Now , please get out from my room please ? I dont want you to take care of me anymore and i dont want we met again. If we meet anywhere , just pretend that you dont know me. Goodbye.
Kevin : Jae Jin. I'm sorry okay what have i done for you ! But swear , i'm never humiliate you in front of my friends as Yoona say yesterday ! * high voice * Okay ! We just pretend that we dont know each other ! Goodbye ! * quickly wnet out from Jae Jin's room *

Thats night , Jae Jin crying and crying a lot. She called her mom and talking something. Next day , Jae Jin want go to school.

In the class , Krystal crying like a baby while Si Wan was beside Krystal company her girlfriend. Kevin came towards Krystal.

Kevin : Krystal ? Why you crying ? Nehh ~ Quarrel with Si Wan ? * smile *
Krystal : No. This is because of Jae Jin. * crying *
Si Wan : Please stop crying Krystal. Jae Jin also have her own reason right ?
Kevin : Er , Si Wan. Jae Jin ? Why ?
Si Wan : Er , Jae Jin not let us to tell you this thing. Sorry.
Kevin : Er , okay. I need to go first. Goodbye guys.

Kevin quickly search Jae Jin around the school and he saw Jae Jin at principal's room. A few minutes later , Jae Jin get out from the room and Kevin quickly saw her. Jae Jin just walking and pretend that she not know Kevin.

Kevin : Stop there Jae Jin !
Jae Jin : * stop * I know you ?
Kevin : * speechless *

Jae Jin walk into the class and talking with Krystal as usual. Rio still dont came to school because his father at hospital. Kevin sit alone there.

Jae Jin and Kevin not talk already 3 days. Next day at school , Jae Jin went in front the class.

Teacher Kang : All students please quiet ! Jae Jin want say something.
Jae Jin : Er , annyeong all. Today is my last day at this school. I want say sorry if i done something that you dont like. Mianhae all. and thanks for all of you done with me. and i want thanks to teacher Kang because teach me to become a good students and thanks for Krystal for being my best friend and Rio not here but i'll infrom him later. and for my friend that i named him " K " , i want say thanks for you because take care of me when i still young and become an adult. I know you hate me since we young but deep in my heart , i love you. and i love you all my friends. Hope all of you take care and study smart okay ? * smile *
Gyuri : We will miss you Jayjay ! Hehehe.
Jae Jin : Hahaha. I will miss you too. Thanks teacher :)
Teacher Kang : Welcome Jae Jin. You also take care okay ? * smile *
Jae Jin : Arrasso. * sit at her place *
Krystal : * wipe her tears * Jae Jin .. * hugs Jae Jin *
Jae Jin : Hahahaha. Shhh , dont cry Krystal. We can texting and email right ? Webcam also ? * smile *
Krystal : * nodded her head and wipe her tears *
Kevin : * speechless *

Soon , Jae Jin pack up all her things and hugs all her friends and say goodbye. but suddenly Kevin pull her hands and went behind hall.

Jae Jin : Let go of my hands ! * angry *
Kevin : Why you dont tell me this news ?! Why ?! * holds Jae Jin's shoulders *
Jae Jin : I didnt tell to someone that i dont know. Excuse me.
Kevin : Jae Jin ! Stop there !
Jae Jin : * stop * What you want now ?! Still want humiliate me huh ?! When i at hospital and you leaves me , Yoona came see me and she also warning me that i cant see you anymore ! Thats also you want right ?! Yoona love you deep in her heart Kevin ! So , i make decision that i'll stay at my aunty's house at Busan and leave Seoul because i dont want disturb your relationship ! Just go Kevin. I'm tired for all of this ! Please go away from me before Yoona see us. Please.

Soon , Yoona also at behind hall because someone report at Yoona that Jae Jin and Kevin were have a date behind hall. Kevin called Yoona.

Kevin : Yoona ! Came here !
Yoona : Why ? Jae Jin ? Why you with Kevin ?! Few days ago , you promise that you'll not disturb me and Kevin ? Break your promise huh ?
Jae Jin : No , i'm not. Okay. I'll leave now. Goodbye.
Kevin : * pull Jae Jin's hands and kiss Jae Jin's lips *
Yoona : * shock * Kevin ! What the ?! * want slap Jae Jin *
Kevin : * stopped Yoona * What ?! Yes ! Just now , i kiss her because i love her ! I love her ! Understand ?!
Jae Jin : * still shock *
Yoona : No ! You dont ! You love me ! Not her ! Kevin ! * crying *
Kevin : Sorry Yoona , i love Jae Jin. Mianhae.
Yoona : Noooo ! * crying * Jae Jin ! You take Kevin from me now ! What you want take from me now ?!
Jae Jin : I .. I .. dont know...
Kevin : Jae Jin , i love you. Please dont leave me. Please Jae Jin. I feel want to die because we didnt talk for 3 days. Please Jae Jin.
Jae Jin : I'm not sure.

To be continued ...

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