Just The Way You Are ( Chapter 10 )

Kevin : Yoona ! What you doing here ?! and who is him ?!
Yoona : Er. Kevin ? Er, he is ... * saw Jae Jin at Kevin's back *
Yoona : Wait wait wait. You mad at me ? So , who is she ? Jae Jin ? Whats a joke ? You dating with this fake boy ? The stupid girl and this girl has been " DONE " by my brother. Dont you remember Jay Jay ?!
Jae Jin : * shock * No ! I'm not that type of girl !
Kevin : Shut up Yoona ! Hey man ! Who are you ?! * push the boy's body *
Yoona : Stop Kevin ! He my new namjachingu ! Why ?!
Kevin : What ?! Woah. You are so so so good Yoona. How many boy you playing now ?!
Yoona : Nehh ~ I should ask you. We not been close anymore because of this fake boy ! This stupid and ugly girl ! Why you always being with her ?! Why when you being with me you always story this girl to me ?! Why ! Tell me why Kevin ?! * high voice *
Jae Jin : * shock * Er. I think i get back home.
Kevin : No ! * hold Jae Jin's hands * Wait here !
Jae Jin : * stop and speechless *
Kevin : Ohh. You want know why ? Okay. Because i love her ! I love her !
Jae Jin : * shock *
Yoona : What ?! Kevin. Why you love her ? You hate her since her young right ? You have told me before. You also said that she always " play " with many boys. Now she play with you huh ? You also say that she is a bad girl and always sell her body to many boys because want money. Right ? * hold Kevin's hands *
Jae Jin : Stop it ! Hey Kevin , Yoona ! You two never changed ! Kevin , i think you changed already ! But what have you say to me ?! You humiliate me in front of Yoona ?! and Yoona , dont worry. Kevin loves you deep in his heart. So , i never take him. But one things , i am not that type of girls. I also have self-esteem ! I hope we not meet again.
Kevin : Jae Jin , no. I'm not saying that. Yoona is lying ! No ! Thats not true ! Jae Jin ! Please trust me ? * sad face * Please Jae Jin ? and my love not with Yoona anymore. Trust me please Jae Jin ! Yoona ! Tell her that you lie !
Yoona : What ? Thats true right ? Huh -,-
Kevin : No ! Its not true ! I never say that to Jae Jin !
Jae Jin : Stop that ! * run away *
Kevin : Jae Jin ! * chase after Jae Jin while Jeremy following him *

Jae Jin not dinner that night. She just crying and crying all day night. Miss Park already advice her but the answer is NO. Jae Jin do not want open the door. Suddenly , Kevin came Jae Jin's home.

Kevin : Aunty. Is Jae Jin home ?
Miss Park : Yeah. She still crying. Why she being like that ?
Kevin : Nothing. Can i met her aunty ? Pleaseee
Miss Park : Owh oke. She at her bedroom. Go upstairs :)
Kevin : Okayyy aunty ! Gumawo ~

Kevin went upstairs ...

Kevin : * knock the door * Jae Jin ! Are you there ? This Kevin.
Jae Jin : What you want from me ?! Go away ! I say i dont want meet you again ! I think you changed but you never changed !
Kevin : Pleasee Jae Jin ? I'm sorry. I admit that i hate you one time ago. But i never humiliate you. Never Jae Jin. Please. I'm begging you. Open the door. Please * low voice *
Jae Jin : * silent *
Kevin : Jae Jin ! Are you there ?! Jae Jin , Jeremy with me now. You left him alone at the park. Jae Jin !
Jae Jin : * still silent *
Kevin : Jae Jin ! Are you okay there ?! * knock the door *

But still no answer. Kevin called Miss Park.

Kevin : Miss Park ! Aunty ! Came here now ! * yelling at Miss Park *
Miss Park : * went upstairs * Why Kevin ? Anything problem ?
Kevin : Jae Jin not anwswering my shout. Is she okay in there ?
Miss Park : What ? Wait a second. Jae Jin ! Omma here. Are you okay ?

But the room still silent ...

Kevin : Aunty ahh. Jae Jin okay or not ?
Miss Park : Wait a minute. I got the Jae Jin's room key.

Miss Park quickly open the door and they get a big shock when they saw Jae Jin's body lie down the bed.

Kevin : Jae Jin ! Are you okay ? Jae Jin ! Wake up ! Dont scared of me ! * touch Jae Jin's face * Aunty. She get a high fever. Lets take her to the hospital.
Miss Park : Okay2. You two go first. I'll follow. Aunty need to brought Jae Jin's clothes. Okay ?
Kevin : Arrasso. * quickly raise Jae Jin's body and went into the car *

They reached at hospital and Jae Jin were checked by the doctors. Kevin waited patiently and he felt sorry with Jae Jin. Suddenly , the doctor came out.

Kevin : So doctor how my friend now ? Is she okay ?
Doctor : She okay. Fortunately you bring her faster. But she need to stay at hospital for 3 or 4 days.
Kevin : Arrasso. Gumawo doctor. * smile *
Doctor : Okay. You can see her at her room now.

Kevin into Jae Jin's room and see Jae Jin still sleeping. Kevin sit beside Jae Jin.

Kevin : * holds Jae Jin's hands * Mianhae Jae Jin. I'm really2 sorry what have i done for you. Pabo me. Trust me that i never say that to you.

To be continued ...

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