As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 3 )

The next morning , in the class ..

Go Mi : Hye there Ki Bum and Ki Seop ! * smile *
Ki Bum : Hye Go Mi ! Aww , i miss you so much. Kekekeke :3
Go Mi : Hahahahaha. I mis you too :P
Ho Li : Nehhh ~ I miss you Ki Seop >.<
Ki Seop : Hahahaha. Pogoshippo my baby :*
Ho Li : Kekekekeke. Awww :*
Ki Bum : Stop that -.-
Ho Li : Hahahahaha. Where Xander ? With Hyoona again ? -,-
Ki Seop : Err , he at hospital actually.
Go Mi : * shock * Why ? Anything happened yesterday ? He injured or not ? Which hospital ?
Ki Seop : Calm down Go Mi. Calm down. Yesterday , after me and Ki Bum left him alone because he didnt hear our warning yesterday , suddenly he want to cross the road but unfortunately a car came hit him. He only injured at his leg. * smile *
Ki Bum : I hate Xander now ! He such a stupid boy , you know that ?! * mad *
Go Mi : Er, i want to meet him after school. Can Ki Seop ?
Ki Seop : Oh, sure you can. Ho Li and Ki Bum want join ?
Ki Bum and Ho Li : Okay -,-

After school, they went to the hospital and meet Xander. Xander looks sad.

Ki Seop : Yo Xander ! I brought Ho Li , Go Mi and Ki Bum here ! * smile *
Go Mi : Hye there Xander. Are you alright ? :)
Xander : Ohh, i'm okay. * smile *
Ho Li : Make sure you be more careful when cross the road. Like a child xP
Xander : Where Hyoona ? * sad face *
Ki Bum : Hyoona still not visit you ? Hahahahahahaha.
Go Mi : Shut up Ki Bum. Er, Hyoona .. She already ...
Xander : Why ? Where is she ?
Go Mi : She already fly to Australia and she say to me that she want to further her study there. She say also that you dont have to wait her. She also say that she only being friend with you not more than that.
Xander : What ?! Why she left me alone ? No ! I dont trust you ! You a liar Go Mi !
Go Mi : No I dont ! I just say to you what Hyoona say to me before she leave Korea !
Ki Bum : Oh Xander. Stop that can ? You see that right ? Hyoona dont love you. Arrasso Xander ?
Xander : No ! She loves me a lot ! She told me also ! No ! * about to cry *
Go Mi : Xander , listen to me okay ? Hyoona already leave you. * holds Xander's shoulder *
Xander : Go away ! * push Go Mi and Go Mi fell down *
Ki Seop , Ho Li & Ki Bum : Xander !!!!!

Ho Li helps Go Mi trying to stand.

Xander : Please go out all.
Ki Seop : Come guys. Lets go. Ignore this stupid boy.
Go Mi : Er, all of you back first. I need to go first. Bye ! * left quickly *

Ho Li, Ki Seop and Ki Bum already left. Then, Go Mi enter Xander's room. She saw that Xander trying to stand because he want go to toilet and Go Mi try to help Xander.

Go Mi : Er, let me help you ?
Xander : No need. I can stand by myself. * trying to stand *

But unfortunately Xander most want to fell down but Go Mi had catch Xander's hand. Suddenly, both of them fall down. Go Mi fall on Xander's body.

Go Mi : Er, sorry. * quickly stand up *
Xander : * speechless because just now he already holds Go Mi's hands *
Go Mi : Xander ? Are you okay ? * touch Xander's forehead *
Xander : * laugh *
Go Mi : Why ? * innocent face *
Xander : Hahahahahahahaha. I'm okay. But why you touched my forehead ? I dont get a fever ? * smile *
Go Mi : Oh. Mianhae. * blush *
Xander : Hahahaha. Sokayy. Help me stand up can ? Hehe. I want go to toilet.
Go Mi : Okay.

Go Mi helps Xander went to the toilet. A few minutes later, Xander went out from the toilet by himself. He saw Go Mi was sleeping on the sofa. Xander went towards Go Mi and ...

Xander : * stared at Go Mi's face * [ Omoonaa ~ She so cute and her hands also soft. Hehehe ]

Suddenly Go Mi wake up slowly and rub her eyes.

Go Mi : Xander, you done ? Sorry because i'm so sleepy. * smile *
Xander : * shock * Er, yeah ? Oh. Its okay. Sorry if i had troubling you.
Go Mi : Its okay. So anything you want to eat ? Porridge ? Rice or Mushroom type ?
Xander : Nehh ~ I dont want porridge, erm... I want pizza and a coke ! Can ? Hihihi :P
Go Mi : Yaaaa ! You can't eat pizza ! Doctor say you can't eat pizza, burger or whatever. Rice okay ?
Xander : Hmm, okay okay.
Go Mi : Okay. Wait here ! Bye ! :)

To be continued ...

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