Just The Way You Are ( Chapter 13 - END )

After they eat breakfast, suddenly Yoona came visit Kevin ...

Yoona : Er, hye Kevin. * smile *
Kevin : Hye there Yoona. Come, take a sit beside me. ^^
Jae Jin : Er, i'll buy some drink for both of you. :)
Kevin : Okay. Buy 2 cup of coffee okay ? Yoona love coffee same as me :)
Yoona : Kamsa then Jae Jin. * smile *

After Jae Jin get out, she feel like want to cry because she feel that Kevin try to make her jealous and she think Kevin only play her feelings because she think Kevin still love Yoona. But, she try think positive and she went to the canteen to buy coffee.

At Kevin's room ...

Yoona : So Kevin, are you feeling better now ?
Kevin : Yes. Jae Jin take care of me :)
Yoona : Kevin, i want say sorry what have i done for you before. I'm really2 sorry. Mianhae :(
Kevin : The past let it pass okay ? I'm happy with that. and i think you should sorry to Jae Jin ?
Yoona : Yeah. I will sorry with her later. Hahaha. So, friend ?
Kevin : Yeah. Friend. * smile *
Yoona : Can i hug you for last time ?
Kevin : Hahahahaha. Sure you can. * hugs Yoona *
Yoona : I love you Kevin as a friend now * smile *
Kevin : I love you too * release Yoona and smile to her *

Unfortunately, Jae Jin already hear the conservation by Kevin and Yoona. She only hear part of it. 2 cup of coffee that she hold before dropped down. Jae Jin feel like want to cry after she hear that Kevin still love Yoona. Kevin and Yoona were shocked because Jae Jin will misunderstanding with them.

Kevin : Jae Jin. You misunderstood. I and Yoona already become friend.
Yoona : Yeah. Kevin right. I love him as a friend.
Jae Jin : Stop both of you ! Kevin ! I think you changed already but the answer is NO. and i think you'll never changed. Waste my time take care of you here. I think i should agree with my mum's plan.
Kevin : Your mum's plan ? -.-?
Jae Jin : You shouldnt know that. Goodbye and i hope both of you will happy and ending with marriage.
Kevin : Jae Jin !!!!

Jae Jin already left Yoona and Kevin. Kevin already chase after Jae Jin but Jae Jin was so fast and he missed Jae Jin now. Kevin was sad because Jae Jin didnt listen his explanation.

Yoona : Kevin, i think we shouldnt find her and explain to her.
Kevin : Yeah, i think so.

Suddenly, Si Wan and Krystal into Kevin's room and they saw Kevin alone there.

Si Wan : Where Jae Jin ? * searching *
Krystal " Where Jae Jin, Kevin ?
Kevin : She left already. * low voice *
Krystal : Left ? Where ? -,-
Kevin : * tell the story to Si Wan and Krystal *
Krystal : Yahhhh ! Her mother's plan ?! Omooonaa !
Kevin : Waeyyo ?
Krystal : Er, her mother's plan is she will get engaged with her mother's friend, i mean her mother's friend son.
Si Wan : What ?! * shocked *
Kevin : Dont be joke Krystal -.-
Krystal : I'm serious lohh ~
Kevin : What ?! You serious ?! I need to get home then !
Si Wan : Yeah. Thats true. Fortunately you can out already from hospital today. ^^
Kevin : Yeah2 ~ So, can both of you help me something ?

At Jae Jin's house, Krystal trying talk with Jae Jin ...

Krystal : Jae Jin, please dont follow your mum's plan.
Jae Jin : No. I will follow my mum. My mum will choose a good guy for me not same as Kevin. * smile *
Krystal : Kevin say to me that he and Yoona now are friends.
Jae Jin : You trust me or Kevin ? * stared at Krystal *
Krystal : You ...
Jae Jin : Good then. So, dont force me again.
Krystal : Okay but can you do 1 things for me ? Pleaseeee. Please do it if you love me. * smile *
Jae Jin : Hmmm, okay. I will. -,- What ?
Krystal : Just follow me but you need to changed you need to change your dress first.
Jae Jin : Waeyyo ? * blur face * We want go where ?
Krystal : Just follow me laaa ~
Jae Jin : Nehhh ~ Okay then. I follow you because i love you. * choose some dresses *

After that, Jae Jin already done. Jae Jin where a blue white dress and a bunny clip. Her hair was been free. She look like a princess.

Jae Jin : Okay then Krystal. I'm done ? Now what ?
Krystal : Woah ~ You so so so beautiful. Psss, Kevin will eat you later. * low voice *
Jae Jin : What you say ? I didnt hear that ?
Krystal : Oh, nothing2. Come, lets go. ^^
Jae Jin : Arrasso. * follow Krystal *

Then, they arrived at Kevin's house. Jae Jin was weird already.

Jae Jin : Why you bring me here ? * weird face *
Krystal : Just follow me okay ?
Jae Jin : No, i dont. I get make a move. * smile *
Krystal : Jae Jin ! You really want to know ? But, i want you be patient okay ?
Jae Jin : What ? * worried *
Krystal : Kevin ... He already ... * wipe her tears *
Jae Jin : * holds Krystal's shoulders * What ?! What happen to Kevin ?! Tell me Krystal ! Is he okay ?
Krystal : You just take a look in his room. You will know what happen to Kevin. * upset *

Jae Jin rushed quickly into Kevin's room. She saw Kevin was lying down on the bed while Kevin's father, Uncle Choi sit beside him. She also saw Yoona there and Yoona was standing beside Dong Woo and she was crying. Jae Jin also saw Rio there. Jae Jin become getting worried.

Jae Jin : Whats going on ?
Uncle Choi : Jae Jin, you here. Since you left him, his condition getting worse. He always call your name. Now, he became like this. * sad voice *
Rio : Yeah. Poor Kevin.
Yoona : Jae Jin, you need to know that you was missunderstood what was happened at hospital. Me and Kevin already friend. I'm hugs him as a friend for last hugs because i will go to America. I didnt know that you will be mad if i hugs Kevin. Just for a last time.
Dong Woo : Btw Jae Jin, i want say sorry what have i done for you before. But one thing is, Kevin love you so much you know. * smile *
Jae Jin : Can all of you tell me what happen with Kevin ?! * tears came out *

All was silent. Jae Jin cried beside Kevin while holding Kevin's hands .. She tries talk to Kevin ..

Jae Jin : Kevin, wake up please. I'm here now. Mianhae because i didnt listen your explaination before. Please wake up. I miss you so much. Please wake up. I didnt follow my mum's plan. I just mad at you so i lie to you. Mianhae. I love you so much you know that. Please wake up..

Jae Jin already crying and crying. She really really regret what have she done to Kevin but suddenly all in the room were laughing at Jae Jin. Jae Jin become weird.

Jae Jin : Why all of you laughing ? * innocent face *
Kevin : Because you look ugly when crying. * smile *
Jae Jin : What ?! All of you fooling me ! * wipe her tears *
Kevin : Nehhh ~ I asked them to do this. To show that you love me right ? Hahahaha.
Jae Jin : * knock Kevin's head * Stop doing me like this ! I'm worried about you okay !
Kevin : Yahhh. Arrasso. * wipe Jae Jin's tears * So, you believe me or not now ?
Jae Jin : * nodded her head * But please dont play with my feelings. I only love you.
Kevin : Hahahaha. I love you too baby. * kiss Jae Jin's cheeks *
Si Wan : * coughs * Hello there you two :) We are still here. Dont make a drama here.
Krystal : * chuckles * You two ~ Uncle Choi still here. Dont shy uh ?
Jae Jin : Er. * quickly stand up * * blush *
Uncle Choi : Hahahaha. I went to office first. I still have meeting later. Jae Jin, take care of your future husband okay ? * smile *
Jae Jin : Uncle ahh ~ He not my future husband. :P
Kevin : Hello ? You are my future wife then. No one can take you from me. * smile *
Uncle Choi : Hahahaha. Goodbye son and all. * smile *

After all left, Kevin and Jae Jin only in the room ..

Kevin : * holds Jae Jin's hands * Jae Jin , i love you. ^^
Jae Jin : I know already * make a aegyo face *
Kevin : Hahahahaha. Cute little baby. * pinch Jae Jin's face *
Jae Jin : Heeeeeeeeee. * smile *
Kevin : * kiss Jae Jin's lips * Hahahaha.
Jae Jin : Grrr. * shy *
Kevin : I love you just the way you are :) * holds Jae Jin's hands *

---------------------------------- THE END ---------------------------------