Just The Way You Are ( Chapter 12 )

At home, Kevin already called Jae Jin through phone but Jae Jin not answering it. Suddenly Jae Jin answer and on the call ...

Kevin : Annyeong , may i speak with Jae Jin ?
Jae Jin : Jae Jin speaking.
Kevin : Er, Jae Jin. are you mad of me ?
Jae Jin : For what ?
Kevin : Er, because i kiss you and many moree ...
Jae Jin : Er. But , please dont make a stupid joke like that anymore okay ?
Kevin : Whats joke ?
Jae Jin : Errrr. You told that you love me and bla bla bla. Stop that joke. Arrasso ?
Kevin : No i'm not joking ? I'm really2 fall in love with you Jae Jin.
Jae Jin : Can you came at my home now ? Err,
Kevin : Ohh, sure sure. Wait 10 minutes ! Goodbye and i love you Jae Jin ! Muahhh ! :*
Jae Jin : Er. Kk.

Kevin rushed went to Jae Jin's house. He knocked the door..

Kevin : Jae Jin ahhh !
Jae Jin : Wait a minute , * quickly open the door *
Kevin : * hugs Jae Jin *
Jae Jin : Errr. * shy *
Kevin : Lets go at the park ?
Jae Jin : Arrasso. It is okay i wear this blouse and short jeans ?
Kevin : Yeahh. Okay, you much always pretty baby :)
Jae Jin : * knock Kevin's head * Dont call me like that. Hahaha.
Kevin : Nehh ~ Lets go * holding Jae Jin's hands *

Soon , they arrived at the park and Kevin want to sit at the bench but Jae Jin stopped him.

Kevin : Er, why ?
Jae Jin : * kiss Kevin *
Kevin : Errr.
Jae Jin : Kevin oppa , i love you but i need to leave you :')
Kevin : What you mean ? * holds Jae Jin's hands *
Jae Jin : I need to leave you. Arrasso ?
Kevin : No, you cant ! * hugs tightly Jae Jin *
Jae Jin : * crying * I must Kevin. I must. Mianhae. * release their hugs *
Kevin : You want to go where ? What happen to me if you leave me ?
Jae Jin : You just being with Yoona. Okay ? Goodbye Kevin and Saranghae :') * ran ~ *
Kevin : No ! Jae Jin !!!

Jae Jin already leave Kevin for 2 weeks. Kevin now at hospital. After Jae Jin leave Kevin, he become a upset guy, and his body become thin and thin. Many of his friend visit him and ask him to eat but he just say that he only want " Jae Jin " ... One day, Rio visit Kevin at hospital ...

Rio : Kevin ahh, are you okay now ? Mianhae i'm not being with you now. I'm busy take care of my father.
Kevin : * cough * I'm okayy * fake smile *
Rio : You want to eat ? I will order pizza ? You love pizza  right ? * smile *
Kevin : No. I want Jae Jin only. You know where is she ? I already search her everywhere.
Rio : Err. Eat first okay ?
Kevin : No. I dont ! I want Jae Jin !
Rio : Calm down Kevin. Relax okay ? You sick right now.
Kevin : I want Jae Jin. Rio, please help me find her. I really2 need her. * his tears come out slowly *
Rio : I will. I will Kevin. I will find Jae Jin. Now, you sleep okay ?
Kevin : * sleep *

Suddenly Rio call Jae Jin through phone ..

Rio : Annyeong Jae Jin.
Jae Jin : Annyeong Rio.
Rio : Jae Jin, do you love me as a bestfriend ?
Jae Jin : Lol. Sure ^^
Rio : So, can you make something to me if you love me ?
Jae Jin : I will ! What ?
Rio : Visit Kevin at hospital. Pleasee Jae Jin. I'm begging you.
Jae Jin : Stop force me Rio !
Rio : Jae Jin ! Kevin sick now ! Come back ! He need you !
Jae Jin : Kevin sick ? When ?
Rio : He sick when you leave him ! And he always call your name !
Jae Jin : Which hospital ?

Soon, Jae Jin visit Kevin at hospital. She really2 worried about Kevin. Jae Jin into Kevin's room and she look at Kevin and Kevin really2 weaks.

Jae Jin : Kevin. Mianhae. I think you'll happy if i leave you for Yoona.
Kevin : Jae Jin ! Dont leave me ! * delirious *
Jae Jin : * wipe her tears but her tears drop down at Kevin's face *
Kevin : * wake up * Jae Jin ! Is that you ?! * smile widely while coughs *
Jae Jin : Yeah. Its me. I'm here.
Kevin : I miss you so much. * hugs *
Jae Jin : Me too. Now, you eat okay ? I will feed you. * smile *
Kevin : * nod his head *

Jae Jin feed Kevin and ask him to take medicine. Soon, Jae Jin must back home.

Kevin : * holds Jae Jin's hands * You want go where ?
Jae Jin : Err, i must back home ? Tomorrow i will visit you okay ?
Kevin : Please stay here ? * sad face *
Jae Jin : Nehh ~ Okay. * smile *
Kevin : Kamsa kamsa kamsa ! Can you take me to toilet ? I want take shower ?
Jae Jin : Ahhh, okay okay. I take off your shirt first.
Kevin : * nodded his head *
Jae Jin : * open the shirt's buttons while look down because she was shy *
Kevin : * smile * nehhh ~ Waeyyo ?
Jae Jin : Hah ? Er, nothing.
Kevin : You shy ahh ? Hahahaha.
Jae Jin : No. I'm not. * continue open Kevin's shirt's button *

Suddenly, Jae Jin look at Kevin's face and their face were so close about 2 cm only and Jae Jin seized up when Kevin's face came closer to her. But ...

Si Wan : Hello Kevin ! I'm here now !
Krystal : We bought you some sushi ! Errr. * shocked look at Kevin were in shirtless and Jae Jin was in front of Kevin *
Si Wan : What both of you doing ? * weird face *
Jae Jin : * blushed * Nothing. Kevin want to take shower so i decided to take off his shirt.
Kevin : Yeah. But both of you come here so fast. Haishh. If both you came a little bit late, i will eat Jae Jin just now. Hahahahaha.
Jae Jin : Kevin ! Stop that. * blushing *
Krystal : Hahahaha. Okayokay. Kevin, i think you look better now ?
Kevin : Yeah. Much better if Jae Jin was beside me always. * smile and look at Jae Jin *
Jae Jin : Hahaha. If you much better now, so i get make a move. * took her handbag *
Kevin : You want to go where ? Rio's house ?
Jae Jin : Rio ? What you mean ? * blur face *
Si Wan : Er. We'll make a move first. Tomorrow we visit you again. Goodbye. * holds Krystal's hands and out from Kevin's room *
Jae Jin : I should make a move too. Goodbye then.
Kevin : * holds Jae Jin's hands * Where you want to go ? Why you choose Rio than me ? Why ? :'(
Jae Jin : Rio again ? What you mean huh ?
Kevin : You love Rio rights ? I should release you for Rio. Goodbye. * low voice *
Jae Jin : Since when i love Rio ? Rio already have girlfriend i think ?
Kevin : So, you dont love him ? * smile widely *
Jae Jin : No ? I love someone but not Rio. * smile *
Kevin : Someone ? Who ? Where you meet him ? Since when you know him ?
Jae Jin : I meet him when me and him neighbours since young, i know him since i was young and he is Choi Ci Xuan. You know him right ?
Kevin : * hugs Jae Jin * Saranghae Jae Jin. * kiss Jae Jin's cheeks *
Jae Jin : Saranghae Kevin * smile *
Kevin : So, you stay here take care of me ? Pleasee ?
Jae Jin : Nehh ~ Okay. Anything for you :)
Kevin : Gumawo baby :) Sleep with me then tonight ! Hehe :P
Jae Jin : Haha. Whatever. Now you go bath okay ? Your hair and body smelly. Ewww.
Kevin : Nehhh ~ Arrasso. I know i'm smelly and yucky. * sad voice *
Jae Jin : * kiss Kevin * Hahaha. If you yucky or smelly, i dont kiss you. ^^
Kevin : Awww. I love love love you baby !
Jae Jin : Hahaha. Okayokay. Love you too. Now, go take a bath.

Kevin into the bathroom and after Kevin done bath , Jae Jin comb Kevin's hair carefully and they sleep well on the bed. Next morning, Jae Jin already wake up early because she need to buy breakfast for Kevin but when she already left Kevin's room but Kevin worried about Jae Jin and he thinks that Jae Jin leaves him. Kevin already searched at bathroom and he already asked nurse but the nurse said that they did not saw Jae Jin yet. Soon, Jae Jin into the room and she saw Kevin was crying.

Jae Jin : Kevin ? Are you injured ? * worried face *
Kevin : Jae Jin ! * hugs Jae Jin * I'm worry about you. I already searched you everywhere.
Jae Jin : Nehhh ~ I'm just going buy some breakfast for us. Hahaha. You shouldnt cry ? :P
Kevin : * wipe his tears * No, i'm not crying.
Jae Jin : Awww, my boy really cute. Heeeee. Okay2, i'll infrom you if i want get out okay ? Dont be like a little baby. Hahahahaha.
Kevin : Yahhhh ~ * knock Jae Jin's head * Stop calling me little baby.
Jae Jin : Hahahaha. Arrasso. ^^ Lets eat. :)

To be continued ...

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