As Long As You Love Me ( Chapter 1 )

Go Mi Yo
Go Ho Li
Lee Ki Seop
Yong Hyoona
Ki Kibum

Mystery man : Go Mi Yo ! Can you be my couple ? 
Ho Li : Wake up Go Mi ! You sleep in class again ! 
Ki Bum : Yeah ! Look at your saliva. Ewww ~
Go Mi : Not funny okay ! * rubbing her eyes * ( I'm just dreaming. Arghhh ! I think it was true ) * upset *
Ho Li : Why you making that face ? Okay2. I'm sorry for making you up from your sleep. * big smile *
Go Mi : You should'nt do that. It was my best dream ever. * blur face *
Ki Bum : What are you dreaming about ? -.-
Go Mi : I dreaming about ...... Hyee ! I couldnt told you my dream ! :P
Ki Bum : Pleaseee ~
Ho Li : Yeah ! Please Go Mi .. You would'nt keep secret between me and you right ?
Go Mi : I will told you later, Ho Li. Ki Bum, hehehe. Sorry :P Girls only.
Ki Bum : Nehhh ~ Arrasso * upset *
Go Mi : Hahahaha. I dont need your sadness :P
Ki Bum : How could you ...
Go Mi : Just a joke only Ki Bum.
Ho Li : Yeah ! Ki Bum, dont take it serious.
Ki Bum : Yahh ~ Okay then. Lets go to cafeteria. My tummy is singing now. * touc his tummy *
Go Mi : Okayokay. Lets go. * laughing at Ki Bum *
Ho Li : Hahahaha. Crazy Ki Bum.
Ki Bum : Can we make a move now ?
Ho Li : Ok. Let's go.

Go Mi, Ho Li and Ki Bum walking to the cafeteria. While they were walking , Hyoona and Kelly which the most famous in this school and they were also known as THE BAD GIRL were push Go Mi. Go Mi felt down. Ho Li trying to help Go Mi up.

Ki Bum : Hye ! Watch it out ! * high voice *
Hyoona : Oh ! Sorry, i didnt see them. Hahahaha. * evil laugh *
Kelly : Yeah ! Erm, what we talking about ? * scratching her head *

Go Mi, Ho Li and Ki Bum laughed at Kelly because she always be an innocent girl.

Ki Bum : Hahahaha. Hyoona2, you have a friend and she is crazy same as you ? 
Kelly : Yeah ! I'm crazy .. Hay ! Stop that !
Ho Li : Come on guys. Ki Bum, you said your tummy singing so, faster laa. Just ignore them.
Ki Bum : Okayokay. Come Go Mi and Ho Li. and Goodbye Hyoona and crazy girl. * waved at Hyoona and Kelly *
Go Mi and Ho Li : * laugh and walk to cafeteria with Ki Bum *

A few minutes later, they reach at the cafeteria.

Waiter : Yes, can we take your order ?
Ki Bum : Me first me first ! * raise his right hand *
Waiter : Okayokay. Calm down. What you like to order ?
Ki Bum : I want banana spilt and please put some biscuit oreo on the ice cream. * smile *
Go Mi : Blueberry ice cream please :)
Ho Li : I prefer strawberry ice cream.
Waiter : Ohh. Okay. You ice cream will be served in 10 minutes. Thank you :)
Ki Bum : Hah !? 10 minutes ?! But my tummy ....

Ho Li cut Ki Bum words ..

Ho Li : Shhhh ! Can you just keep quiet ?! * stared angrily at Ki Bum's face *
Ki Bum : Okayokay. * silent *
Ho Li : Thats my boy .. * smile *
Go Mi : Hahahahaha.

A few minutes later, thier ice cream served already.

Waiter : Here you go sir and miss :)
Ki Bum :  Ahhhh. Come to daddy, ice cream * licking his lips * Yumm yumm !

Ho Li and Go Mi just laughing at Ki Bum. Suddenly, Ki Bum saw Ki Seop and Dong hyun.

Ki Bum : Hey there Ki Seop ! * waved at Kiseop *
Ki Seop : Ohh. Hey there Ki Bum ! * went towards Ki Bum, Ho Li and Go Mi *
Dong hyun : Hey there all ! What are you doing here ?
Go Mi : We play football here. -,-
Ho Li : Hahahaha. This is cafeteria so we came to eat lahh =..="
Ki Seop : Hhahahahaha. Babo Dong hyun.
Ki Bum : Hahahahahahahahaha.
Dong Hyun : Nehhh ~ I know i know.
Ho Li : We have to accompany Ki Bum. His tummy singing just now -,- What are both of you doing here ?
Ki Seop : We on the way go to library.
Ho Li : Oh. * nod her head *
Ki Bum : I go to the counter first. * smile *
Go Mi : Okayokay. 

After Ki Bum done already pay, Go Mi, Ho Li and Ki Bum go home. During the journey ...

Ki Bum :  So Go Mi, you still dont want to tell me about your dreaming ?
Go Mi : No ! Girls only :P
Ki Bum : Go Mi , dont tell me you fall in love with someone ? Arent you ?
Go Mi : Nehhh ~ Nope. Sorry Ki Bum, please respect me. I can't told you this. * smile *
Ki Bum : Arrasso. I'll respect your decision then.
Ho Li : Yahhh ! All ! I'm still here ! Both of you make me like a rock here !
Ki Bum : Ehhh ? Ho Li ? Ohh. I didnt know you are here. Hahahahahaha.
Go Mi : Agree with Ki Bum ! hahahahahaha.

To be continued ...

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