Just The Way You Are ( Chapter 2 )

Rio hide behind the window. He went to JayJay's class but JayJay didnt notice about that. But suddenly ...

Krystal : Rio ? Why are you here ?
Rio : * shock * Er. Nothing. * smile *
Krystal : Really ? I think you looking at someone just now. * she looking into her class who is Rio finding *
Rio : Er. Nothing la Krystal. I got to go now.
Krystal : Hahaha. JayJay ? You sneak out for JayJay ? * laugh *
Rio : Shut up of your mouth ! Grrr. You take this and give to JayJay. * give some medicine to Krystal *
Krystal : Hahaha. Okayokay. Arrasso.

Then , Rio quickly went away from the classroom. Krystal went into her classroom and greet JayJay.

Krystal : Yo JayJay ! * smile *
JayJay : Yo there. What you want here ?
Krystal : Rio give me this and pass it to you. He said he love you. * smile *
JayJay : lol. stupid joke. haha. what he give to me ?
Krystal : This. * show the medicine to JayJay *
JayJay : Kyaaa. Hahaha. He really take care of me uh ? Weirdo -.-
Krystal : He love you la JayJay. * laugh *
JayJay :  Pfft ! I hate boys. Shut up you Krystal. -,-
Krystal : Hahaha. Arrasso. I will shut up my mouth , Mrs Rio ! :P
JayJay : LOL -.- Pabo you.

Soon , Teacher Kang into their class and all the students keep quiet.

Teacher Kang : All of you please send your homework tthat i give you yesterday on my table right now.
JayJay : Krystal ahh. I left my book at my home ! Aigoo , how ? * sad *
Krystal : Jeongmal ? Aigooo JayJay ahh. Teacher must mad to you. -.-
JayJay : I'll tell teacher first.

JayJay went towards Teacher Kang and told teacher that she dont bring her book.

Teacher Kang : Yes JayJay ?
JayJay : Er teacher. I didnt bring my book. Mianhae. I left it at home.
Teacher Kang : So , i must punish you JayJay. You always dont bring your homework ! Get out of my class !
JayJay : Arrasso. * nodded her head *

Krystal look sad of JayJay because she know that JayJay always busy with her work. Then , JayJay get out from her class and stand up for a 1 hours but soon Kevin and his geng walk at JayJay's corridor class.

Kevin : Guys ! Look that tomboy girl. Poor her because being punished. Hahaha.
JayJay : * stared at Kevin angrily *
Kevin : What ?! Am i wrong , boy ? Huh >:)
JayJay : Leave me. Dont find fight with me. * blur face *
Rio : Kevin , lets go from here. * pull Kevin's hands *
Kevin : Ahhhhh ! I hate this tomboy ! She just a jerk ! Ugly girl ! Stupid
JayJay : Jeongmal ? Thanks. Go away :)
Kevin : What the hell of you ?! Arghhh. Today my day were so so bad ! Lets go guys !
Rio : Er , sorry for what Kevin doing just now JayJay * smile *
JayJay : Nevermind * smile *

Then , the bell ringing and thats mean the school is over. JayJay already done being punished by Teacher Kang. Krystal came towards JayJay.

Krystal : Are you okay JayJay ? Just now i saw Kevin and his geng out there talking with you. Is he bullying you ? If yes , let me told this to teacher.
JayJay : Nothing. I'm okay. Lets go home. * smile while packing her bag *
Krystal : Arrasso. ^^

They walk and went out of the school's gate but suddenly they saw the Princess Group. or know as the Arrogant Group because they are always stubborn like a child and arrogant with other people that they do not interested. Its Yoona , Sunny , Luna and Tiffany. The Arrogant Group. Krystal already went back home by her boyfriend , Im Si Wan. JayJay just walk along of them. but ...

Yoona : Hey you fake boy !

JayJay do not want to look at Yoona because he not a fake boy.

Sunny : What the hell of her ? Yahh JayJay ! Stop there babo !
JayJay : * stop and look at Sunny's face * What all of you want huh ?!
Yoona : Kyaaaa ~ You look angry huh ? HAHAHA. Whatever fake boy. -_-
Luna : Fake boy fake boy fake boy ! Booooo !
Sunny : Jyeahhh. Stupid fake boy. You girl or boy huh ? * push JayJay's body *
JayJay : * silent because she tired fighting *

Then , Rio and Kevin came towards them.

Rio : Hey Sunny ! What are you doing with JayJay ?! * angry *
Sunny : Er. Nothing darling. JayJay is pushing my body. * lying while make sad face *
Kevin : Yoona dear ? Are you okay ? * checking Yoona's cheek *
Yoona : I'm okay baby. * smile * JayJay want slap me just now but fortunately Tiffany push her body. * make sad face *
Kevin : Arghhh ! Hey you stupid tomboy ! You dont have work huh except fighting ?! Now , you want to slap Yoona and her friends ? I know you being jealous of them right ?! * laugh *
JayJay : I need to go. Bye. * quickly pick up her bag *
Kevin : Wait a minute ! * stopped JayJay *

Kevin went towards Yoona and take mineral bottle and spirted the water at JayJay's unforms. Rio was shock same as Yoona and her friends.

JayJay : What are you doing huh ?! * stared at Kevin *
Kevin : This is your revenge because want to slap Yoona and her friends. * evil smile *
Rio : * whispering at Kevin * Hey Kevin , we didnt investigate first ? Why you must do the revenge so fast ?
Kevin : Huh ? I know that this fake boy always jealous of Yoona and her friends !
Rio : * speechless * JayJay , are you okay ?
JayJay : I'm fine. Dont worry. I need to go first. Goobye Rio. * give a sweet smile *
Rio : * shock * er , goodbye JayJay. * smile *

To be continued ...


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